7 Effective Natural Ways That Will Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

7 Effective Natural Ways That Will Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

7 Effective Natural Ways That Will Keep Your Kidneys Healthy
Posted on December 28th, 2022

People should take utmost care of themselves if they have chronic kidney disease.

They should focus on what they consume while eating and drinking. Chronic kidney disease refers to the condition when kidneys are completely damaged and don't function the way they should.

To keep your kidneys healthy, it is important to follow an active lifestyle and stay well hydrated.

Following are some natural remedies that can help you take care of your kidneys.

1. Stay hydrated

The most common reason for the formation of kidney problems is lack of water. Drink plenty of water in a day. Water helps flush out the toxins from your body time to time. So it is recommended to have at least 8 glasses a day and make your kidneys function properly. However with established kidney disease your doctor will recommend reduced intake of water. Please follow ..

2. Vitamin C

Vitamins and minerals are powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C helps dissolve kidney stones easily. Foods rich in vitamin C promote better kidney health such as, citrus fruits like orange, cucumbers, broccoli are effective in keeping the kidney healthy.

3. Apples

Apples help to maintain acidity in urine and prevent the growth of bacteria inside the kidneys. Apples have anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing kidney issues or infections quite efficiently.

4. Kidney beans

Kidney beans which are also known as rajma are rich in proteins. The soluble and insoluble fibers present in them helps to keep the digestive system healthy. Kidney beans are also good for diabetic patients as they contain low glycemic index. Vitamin B present in kidney beans helps to flush out kidney stones and regulate the functioning of kidneys.

5. Lemon juice and honey

The combination of lemon juice and honey is the most effective way of keeping your body working. Honey and lemon have miraculous health benefits on the overall health of the individual.

Lemons are rich in citric acid which helps to fight with kidney stones by increasing the level of urine citrate. Taking regular lemon juice with honey reduces pain of kidney stones and dissolves kidney stones quickly.

6. Watch blood pressure

Check your blood pressure on a regular basis. High blood pressure increases the risk of kidney diseases. If your blood pressure is high then you should consult a doctor for medication and proper treatment to regulate it.

7. Dates

When dates are soaked in water for a day and then consumed they work effectively in flushing out the kidney stones. Dates contain fibers which help to reduce kidney stones. The magnesium, copper ..

Text and image source: Economic Times

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