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Welcome to Reverse CKD, your go-to resource for reliable and accurate information about kidney disease. Located in St. George, we are dedicated to educating the public about the importance of proper kidney health and how to manage and improve chronic kidney disease. Our mission is to educate people about the ...
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What is CKD?

CKD is a slow and gradually progressive condition that causes kidney dysfunction. In theory, if one kidney stops functioning correctly, the other may still carry out normal functions. Unfortunately , in most cases of CKD (maybe up 95 to 99%) both kidneys are involved in a diffuse process.
The natural history of ...
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How to Improve Kidney Function and Avoid Dialysis

If you have been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, you're not alone. In the United States, 40 million adults suffer from CKD, and many don't even know it. CKD is a serious condition that can lead to kidney failure, dialysis, and eventually death. Besides, it is a strong risk factor for heart disease, the ...
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