Can Kidney Function Improve?

Can Kidney Function Improve?

Can Kidney Function Improve?

Kidney failure is a serious health issue that can affect the quality of life and overall health of an individual. Kidney function decline can result from several factors, including disease, injury, or genetics. But all is not lost, because, sometimes kidney function can improve. This is something that is more and more attainable as chronic kidney disease is now recognized as an inflammatory condition.

Reversal of kidney damage: If the cause of kidney damage is treatable, it may be possible to reverse the damage and improve kidney function. For example, if the cause of kidney damage is high blood pressure or diabetes, treating these underlying conditions can help improve kidney function. 

Kidney transplant: A transplant can improve kidney function by providing a new, healthy kidney that can filter waste from the blood. A successful transplant can restore nearly normal kidney function. 

The role of diet and lifestyle: It is amazing how many people do not recognize the role that diet and lifestyle play in kidney disease. But these are very important in improving kidney function in CKD. Reducing the intake of animal protein and eating a more plant based diet has been shown , in studies, to improv kidney function. This is because animal protein can lead to hyperfiltration, the first stage of kidney injury in CKD. Plant protein, on the other hand, dose not have this effect. Other dietary changes that can help inprove kidney function is reducing salt intake. Engaging in regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are also helpful. The role of adequate hydration is often not appreciated. But drinking plenty of water is crucial in helping improve kidney function. Subclinical dehydration, being dehydrated but not showing any signs thereof, can cause acute kidney injury (AKI). Multiple episodes of AKI can cause or worsen CKD. Medications: Certain medications can help improve kidney function by controlling underlying conditions or slowing the progression of kidney disease. In recent years, medications such as sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT 2) inhibitors have been shown to improve kidney function. These include canagliflozin, empagliflozin and dapaglifozin. But there are expensive and have a lot of side effects, including AKI. But there are non-toxic remedies that can improve kidney function. Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oils), vitamin B6 and vitamin D have all been found to help improve kidney function. Other simple remedies that can improve kidney function include Coenzyme Q10, and grape seed extract as well as hers like milk thistle (silymarin) and stinging nettle. Their kidney benefits have been proven in scientific studies and are not just anecdotal. 

In conclusion, while kidney function decline is a serious health issue, it is possible to improve kidney function in some cases. Treating the underlying cause, making changes to your diet and lifestyle, and taking medications, antioxidant supplements and proven herbs, can all help improve kidney function.

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